I Also Hate My Mil

I am bad at telling stories but here I go. Long story short... She is super controlling, throws money at you with strings attached, makes my fiance feel worthless by telling her she is lazy and useless and not as successful as her younger sister. My fiance became borderline suicidal from all she said, so one day I moved her out. Her mother doesn't like to loose her puppets so started spreading rumors that I was an abusive rapist (false of coarse). I was talking to a lawyer about to sue her for slander. Then one of my MIL's friends stepped in, convinced my fiance it was a misunderstanding (BS) and now she is all fine and cozy ignoring the fact of what happened those 4 miserable months. She "appolagized" to my fiance never a word to me. She might have my fiance convinced but I am watching her like a hawk, I know she is plotting (like she always is), not giving her the pleasure this time.
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Your fiance needs to spend as little time around her as possible. And if she's nasty to you, well you don't have to spend any time at all around her if you don't want. Unless you're there just to protect your fiance. That's okay.<br />
don't let your fiance take any money from her family whatsoever. If they push it on her, give it right back, but make it in check form so there won't be any dispute about you returning it.<br />
Since they really did slander you, save any and all communications they send your way. Or to your fiance if it's about you. You might need it in the future. Protect yourself from these nasty people. Next time don't let anyone talk you out of that crap. After all, they are doing it to themselves. gl