How Sad

How sad are some women to think this is a competition or game! I feel that my present and past stories explain it all and those of you I have come to be friends with here know more to the stories that I have posted. I don't feel the need to validate my dislike for my mother in law for the likes of people that have no intention to "understand" where I come from. It is so sad that no matter the subject, there always is this wall with some of these women. They just choose to keep pushing....

PrettyFlowerbythesea PrettyFlowerbythesea
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3 Responses Jun 30, 2008

QO, I have said that exact comment, my husband turned out to be a great guy dispite being raised by her. I am lucky to have him, and so is she. If she knew how lucky she is to have him maybe she wouldn't be such a trouble maker.

I agree with you all! People have said to me, 'She raised your wonderful husband, so she can't be that bad'. My wonderful husband is wonderful in SPITE of her! He's the most resilient man I know.

I agree with you 100%!