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Wil i ever be close to my mother in law? The answer is no i think it wil never happen. To many things have happend and i really want her to say sorry to me and i know she wil not do.
What have all happend? To many things..
1 When i lived in the same house as the family of my boyfriend ( i say to you it is something you should never do, but i had no choice) Oke in any case one of the first things that have happend that i was in periods and for me the most normal thing is to put my garbidge in a bin. Wel i gues i was thinking that is allowed. But then i came in the house with my bf and she came to me all angry that what was i thinking to put it in the bin. To make it more simple she didnt want that i put my "garbidge" in her bin. WTF.. so yeh i stared to hate her. Of course i was also a lot upset i didnt want to have a relationship like that with her. Also he is my first bf so i dont have luck at all.
2 This also happend we eaten dinner i helped to clean a bit ( not everything) and went with my bf to the other room. We were talking a bit and sundely my bf raised up and stormed to the dining room. He heard them talking about me (mother/ sister) that i couldnt take my glass to the kitchen. Yeh that was really silly. And of course he came up for me. Lots of screaming and it ended that his mother had a broken toe. I did not feel sorry at all. It was her own fault that she made trouble about NOTHING in the first place.
3 My boyfriend and i we were on a short holliday to Paris for my birthday. Wich btw they never sayed congratulations for that. He sayed to his mother we go on holliday, but she was not interested. In any case when we were on holliday my bf called his mother to ask how she is because she is in devorce. Then she asked were we are, he sayed the truth in Paris. She starts al from why he didnt say. And then started the complaying about me. That she doesnt have a relationship with me and that she doesnt find me normal. Direct insult to me. After that phone call my bf stayed bad the whole day and me to. So i felt like my birthday present was a bit ruined. Thinking about this makes me stil angry. Because what is really the defination of normal. Because the way you behave is not normal.

Conclusion: there are more stories to tell many details, but these are for me the most memorbel. I know why she is like this she is jelouse. Sooner or later she has to accept it is already taken 1,5 year. If it doesnt get better she wil be not part of my life. And if we wil decide to have a baby one day i dont want her to be grandmother. She wil just not be part of it. I gues it gets better in time..
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Let me tell you how this movie ends....LOL.<br />
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1) Your a BAD mother and she calls CAS on you or the Police.She makes up stories about you.<br />
2) Your resentment and stress causes ALOT of tension between your husband and his mom.By the way your husband is a REAL man becuse most are afraid to stand up against mother dearest.MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T GET SENT TO JAIL WHEN HE LOSES HIS TEMPER OVER THE NEXT 30 YEARS.<br />
My advice is to move to the other side of the country or planet.I have had 33 years of this Mother Inlaw abuse and I pray evrynight for my death or hers.I'm not picky at this point.<br />
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My poor wife is getting OLD and WORN OUT form Mother Dearest the drunk and Narcisist in our lives.It's torture honey and it NEVER GETS BETTER !!!<br />
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By the way if someone has a period and you've just met them then you ( quietly ) ask them to dispose of the rmains in such or such a place.You don't meet them at the door and start yelling at them.THAT IS A SIGN OF MENTAL ILLNESS ...I've studied psychology for 26 years and worked in a Government Facility for 26 years.

Yes i agree with you the best is to move far away that is also oure plan. I think she is sick to, she is very nervous. I notice that she create many problems were there are not problems for me she doesnt know how to be happy anymore. Thank you for your reply :)

i don't know if you're talking about your mother or her mother, but either way, don't you think it's about time you cut that toxic person out of your life? If it's your wife's mother and she's afraid to for any reason, then get her to a therapist. (other than you - you're too close to the situation - she needs an objective 3rd party), You two deserve some peace in your life. gl

In my post that i just posted i was responding to retiremesoon .

It doesn't get better with her. It will get worse. And it gets even worse after you have kids. so, if she's not nice to you now, don't plan on her ever being nice. I'm hoping you're still not in the same house as them. If you are, you need to get out. Either with or without your boyfriend. And don't expect an apology, because you'll never get one. why should you when she's never going to feel like she did anything wrong. gl