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Mother In Law Treats Us Like Dirt!

My Mother in law treats me and her son like dirt. She favors her other grandchildren over
ours. It has caused so much drama. I can't stand any of them. I don't know how to get through
family gatherings?
Isabella50 Isabella50 46-50, F 9 Responses Aug 29, 2012

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well the mother in law from hell is at it again. this person is such an awful mean person,
What happened is it was our Grandaughters 4th Birthday. And not even a card, a call nothing. But this Saturday is the other Grandaughters Birthday, and this witch is all over social media telling her Happy Birthday, cant wait till the Birthday party.What would make someone so terriable to treat her only living child, and his family like crap. I have to stop letting this B*****tch get to me.

Thanks everyone for the wise words. I am taking the advice, and being done with<br />
this person. My childern are all grown now. They have very little interaction with thier<br />
Grandmother. They always new she didn't care about them, or thier parents. So now<br />
they are all having families and children of their own. I will not be including my mil<br />
in any family events. Not like she'd care. I won't have anyone around me and my family<br />
anymore if they don't Love us. And my mil clearly doesn't love us. So that is that. I am done <br />
with mean people!

Showing favoritism is different for adults than for children. Adults can handle - we're already grown. But children - can imagine the hurt it would cause. If anyone favored other grandchildren over mine they would not be seeing them again. I wouldn't take the chance of my children being hurt over it just because someone is acting like a turd. I wouldn't even bother talking to her first because if she's doing it to you two then she's well aware she's doing it to your children. You can always find other older loving adults to stand in as your childrens grandparents. Along with yours, of course. gl

Thanks for the support. I am a MIL myself. I love my DIL and my SIN. I will always treat them with<br />
respect. Even if sometimes we don't see eye to eye. I would never try to make anyone feel small.<br />
So maybe, all these 34 years of being treated badly has tought me how to a better person.So <br />
I guess thats were I should leave it. From now on. Why would I want such a terriable, mean person to like me. When I see her next, I will take a deep breath, and simply walk away.

I don't understand why anyone would treat the person there son has made a life with and raised 4 children together. Like sh*****t. I would not do that to anyone. So anyway I wrote MIL<br />
a letter telling her i would not tolerate anymore abuse to me or my family. When I saw her at my daughters wedding which i was very suprised she attended. She did not evn address the letter.So I don't no what to think. Here is alittle more background. My husband is the only survivng child of my MIL. And my FIL passed too. So when MIL doesn't even send her son or his children a Bday card, that hurts. But is completely up my SIL's rear. And she was only married to my BIL for 1 year. But she is the only person my husband has left. YIKES I am at my wits end.Just don't know how to get closure, when MIL won't even acknowledge the letter i sent.

Maybe she will NOW leave you alone but don't hold your breathe! I applaud you for speaking your mind and sending her a letter that details your boundaries. I don't understand it either on why a mother in law would treat her daughter in law so badly. None of what they do to us makes any sense and its because its not suppose to. I really hope you do get some peace from this situation. Peace and hugz to you girl...:)

You are a saint. I put up with this nonsense for 20 years. Nothing on heaven and earth will get me to put up with anymore. My MIL nearly cost us our marriage. The constant fighting over her behaviors and the endless stress of trying to keep the old bat happy. I'd pitty her husband but then he's done nothing to put a damper on her antics. <br />
It was amazing the first day I just sat and read through story after story and seen the same thing over and over. If you have to be with her at least now you have a safe place to vent .

20 Years of abuse and 32 years of abuse my my wifes Narcisistic/alcoholic mother.Nothing against alcoholics mind you becuse some of them are fun and funny.

My wife and I have got along GREAT since 1979 but her mother started about 1,000 fights over the years with lies and manipulation.Now we are a tag team and we work together after I almost filed for divorce 2 years ago.It was like Princess Diana said in an interview..." Our marriage was very crowded with 3 people in it "

I would have to wholeheartedly agree with what wordofwarning said...My only advice would be why try to get thru ANY of the family gatherings anymore? Do what my husband and I did...We disowned them thru sending them an email explaining everything that was said and done to us by them for 21 yrs. And then forwarded it to the rest of the family. That way they all know why were not in their lives anymore. We havn't seen or spoken in 8 months. And we couldn't be happier! Totally feel FREE. Favortism is a very sick insidious disease that some mothers and mother in laws etc get and use against their children and grandchildren. My mother favored my brother and my husbands mother favored his sister not him. My husband and I unfortunately share alot of the same life experiences. Stay strong and good luck with whatever you decide to do. And hugs to you girl. Any time you want to talk just send me a message. If you want check out my stories on my page in particular the one about disowning my mother in law and sister in laws from hell. Have a great night. "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" Peace...:)

Thanks for your advise. I have been married to my husband for 34 years. You think by now <br />
she would get over it. I have really tried to limit our time spent together. I am trying to figure <br />
out how to act when I am forced to be around her.

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. While my husband and I have no children my MIL and her family spent several decades making me feel like the ugly red-haired stepchild. <br />
Be smarter than them. Find your own holiday traditons and make any attendance to theirs secondary. We need to be more concerned about our spouses and children's well being and make sure its head and shoulders above the crap we're willing to take from MIL's or any other relative that gets their jollies being a bully.