Cannot Make This Up...

My mother in law wanted to wear her wedding dress to my wedding... she's been divorced for 10 years and her ex-husband is going to be there... seriously... I cannot make this up.
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Hehehe, my mil wore BLACK to my wedding. Should have been the first red flag there. Wait... I think MOST of my Hubby's side wore black. Hahahaha! That just dawned on me.

My MIL kept asking me over and over and over and OVER again to tell her what dress to wear...I told her that no, she can pick it out herself, just pick out a mother-of-the-groom gown in a different color from the bridesmaids. She looked at me like I was crazy. I even complimented her, telling her that as long as she picks something appropriate, and that I've never seen her wear anything inappropriate, just pick out a gown that she likes, I won't be bossing anyone around, especially not over dresses. Still just looks at me like I had two heads or something. Not sure why she thought it was helpful at all for her to bug the living sht out of me about HER dress - who the fck cares, lady, MINE was supposed to be the important one, NOT YOURS! - especially because I had REPEATEDLY and VERY, VERY NICELY told her that she can pick it out herself, explaining to her that this way she can have a dress that she likes and is comfortable with. So how about thanking me for being nice enough to let you pick a dress yourself, and then leaving me the fck alone about it? No, of course not, she was probably too stupid to even comprehend the concept of me being beyond accommodating and considerate to everyone - the furthest thing from a bridezilla (or so I was told! not by her, of course).<br />
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I have nothing more to do with my MIL nowadays, b/c there are just too many stupid things and she just pushed me way too far. It's really too bad, because I practically handed her son to her on a silver platter - but she is just that stupid, too stupid to realize that duh, please be tolerable enough for me to continue to encourage your son to be around, instead of being so intolerable that I never want to see you again, lady!

If the wedding hasn't happened yet, warn her that if she shows up in a wedding dress that she will not be allowed in. Then, follow through. If you let her get away with that, it will only get worse from there. People like this need to have consequences for their actions, otherwise, why should they stop? And once you have kids it will get out of control. Nip that crap in the bud now.

FUNNY, would almost think that she was competing with the BRIDE ON ....HER.....SPECIAL DAY.<br />
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I call this foreshadowing so let me read your tea leaves.<br />
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You are about to enter the Twillight Zone and your mother will be playing the Mentally Ill Mil.If you don't believe me just ask your hubby about some of the ...MANY...insne things she has done since he was born.<br />
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You see I worked in a Mental Hospital for 26 years and CRAZY doesn't just show up on your wedding day wearing a wedding dress.Crazy has a history of odd or abusive behaviors.<br />
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Some behaviors would be ,manipulation,yelling at people,lies,cruel intentions like showing up ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY in a wedding dress,addictions to alcohol or drugs,abandonment,bad relationships with others and being CONTROLLING or INSENSTIVE.<br />
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Basically you have a nutball on your hands unless she is playing a practical joke and then changes her clothes.<br />
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I'm thinking you have a NARCISIST and you are about to enter hell.The best treatment is a lifetime of avoidance and let your spouse go see nutball on his own because your BUSY ALWAYS.If you must be around her and her mouth starts confront and then leave IMMEDIATELY.They hate this and confrontning and leaving quickly puts them in a situation were they have ZERO control.IT ALSO NOW GIVES AN EXCUSE NOT TO SEE THE FOR MONTHS.<br />
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If you try to please them .....OR.....argue with them you will get your *** kicked.REMEMBER it's confront " I;m not listening to this abuse " SHUT UP ....then leave super fast.Avoid for months until you are FORCED into a room with nutball again.

can you hire someone to meet her at the door with a firehose ?<br />
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If this is becasue she can't afford a nice dress take her out and find something suitable. My MIL showed up at our wedding in scrubs and orthapedic shoes.

In the end the only one she embarassed is herself. After asking for nearly 6 months if she needed a nice outfit and her saying no, that is what she showed up in. She done the same at another wedding. Another DIL she didn't like or want. And to round out the day Sasquatch(SIL) decided not to wear a bra under her bridesmaid dress and managed to fall out of it , if you know what I mean , at their recieption. At least we were spared that. Compared to some of these stories the scrubs weren't so bad. We have the lovely wedding photos of well dressed civilized people with the crazy mad woman in scrubs , funky hair and white nurse shoes to look back on. It looks like some of the help got loose and got in the picture by accident. I'm honest in saying its like having the cast from The Hills have Eyes living next door.

Oh wow...she meant having it altered and dyed, right, not as a white gown?