I Hate My Boyfriends Mother

I hate her little more everyday. I cannot forget the fact that she ruined best years of my life. My guy was too much into his parents and they (just by looking at me) refused him to be married to me. Just gave all stupid reasons and my guy being so emotional about them did not fight back. And I had left my job of five years to be married to him and go to his country after he committed to me. And even after he committed to me, he could not go ahead with me just because his mother did not like me without even trying to know me. She has left so much Pain and hate in me.
I have never felt so rejected and like ****. Like she had a right to bring such a negative change in my life. She just ruined everything for me. Now we are getting married and i just cannot take her. He is Indian and lives with his family. I just cannot face people who harassed me so much just for loving their son. I just cannot take her. And what I fail to understand is that my guy's love for his family just does not get any less. He loves his family so much and always goes out of his way to do things for them. Even tho they are the reason for him not getting married for two years.

Why do we still live in a society like that. Where we have to go through the same problems our mother went though in her generation. Why guys are so much into their family.

Just had to ped this down. M going Crazy seeing her everyday on the same house.
Nehajb Nehajb
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Just leave him, he does not know how to balance out his love for his family and you. It seems like he concern more about his family than your thoughts. Not that i am saying caring for family too much is bad, but he doesn't how to balance it out.

I am just curious, isn't all parents are once teenagers going out having fun before? why are they stopping us! HATEMIL..

Dear Nehajb, my mil also put me through the ancient dil servitude. And she is a ***** of a Chinese emperor dowager kind of woman. The art is to not oblige to her and act super busy with work. Or afterwork studies. Plus, pretend you cannot fathom what she wants you to do for your hubby. Ironing, clean the tub, bring the slipper and such and brush it off as ancient.