I Hate My Dads Girlfriend!!

I was outside playing with my dog, i was throwing th ball amd letting her chase me. My dad came outside and said that i needed to clean up after her, since she is my dog, and so i got the shovel and my dog wanted to keep playing, so she started to bark and paw at the shovel. My dads girlfriend thought i was chasing nika with the shovel, so she told my dad, and i was called up to their room. She got mad and said that i had no right, and said that she wanted me to have nothing to do with nika! So now i cant pet nika, be around her, or even be in the same room as nika! I HATE MY DADS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!
iloveehim iloveehim
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

You need to explain to your dad that you weren't chasing the dog with the shovel. That you were trying to clean up and that the dog thought you were playing.
If you're having more problems with the girlfriend and your dad doesn't want to listen, you need to find someone to talk to. Maybe an aunt or a counselor at school. good luck