Since I Have Known Them

My ignorant MIL and FIL have had animals. They will profess to anyone their love of God's creatures. LMFAO. In 20 years they've probably had 40 different dogs. Hundreds of cats. There was the 8 year annoyance of their Cocker Spaniel breeding program that meant a kennel next door and dogs barking and fighting nonstop for the whole time. No papers , unsocialized puppies and all inbred. We did not have animal control at the time. Puppies born and died living in filth and never being handled. Once one of the newborn puppies got caught in the mothers matted hair and FIL though it was wonderful how much she loved that puppy and took it with her everywhere. ???. Fleas. Through the filth they infested the whole field with fleas , millions of them. you could not walk outside without being bitten and dragging them inside. I've spent a small fortune defleaing my house and pets over the years. Once while MIL was whining she wanted to get rid of those dogs I offered to take them to the local flea market and try and find homes. I felt getting an adoption fee for shots and fixing them would be enough. NOOOOOOOOOO MIL wanted 6-700 dollars per dog. They were after all pure bred mutts.@@. Those dogs died eventually. But they never stop. They're good hearted people and always willing to take in an unwanted pet to make themselves look good. All of them except the peeing rat dogs in her house are quickly dispatched to the back of their property where food and water are thrown at them once a day if they're lucky. No animal ever dies in their care though. They just run away or someone steals them ,,,@@ and @@. Last summer my husband talked me into selling the horses to my BIL. who then starved them. FIL stepped in when i called animal control and the brand inspector and said they were his. But they told everyone else in this little pissant town they were still mine and I'd been the one to starve them. And now...

Goats , freaking goats. they started with two last fall and now have six with 4 knocked up does and no fenceing , no food and they run wild everywhere , just tore up one of my nice birdfeeders and i have a dent on my car. I hate those people. The goats live in a filthy dirty smell shed. And when the wind blows the right way it can make your nose bleed. I have called AC and these animal abusing jerks that they threw the book at last year for starving the horses have learned how to keep the goats just this side of being taken. I do not hate goats , have kept them myself. But I really hope that all that birdseed kills them off. I'm so sick of this crap.
And tomorrow they'll all troop out at the crack of dawn to church and act like their poo don't stink and how good they are. All the while their screaming goats will go without food or water the whole freaking day.
Maybe one of the worst things I see is their grandchildren picking up the shabby nasty habits on how to treat their animals. Its funny, my husband treats our little kitties like children. When we lost our Bunny of 12 years he cried and buried him and made a wonderjul little grave. He loved our horses even though he never rode and snitched kisses from my nasty mare who never liked me much even though i'd been there when she was born. She adored him.
Oh and not's let forget about THEM acting all bent out of shape when you say anything about their annoying behavior. Somewhere in life MIL was led to believe that she was allowed to do anything she wants. Mostly she sends FIL and Sasquatch to do it. Wouldn't want her to stray from her entrenched throne if front of the TV.
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What i don't understand is why are you still living next to them? i'd say it's time to move away. And if you don't, then keep calling animal control. No animal should be treated the way they're treating them. That's disgusting.

We have to sell before we can move and buy a new home. Simple as that. And yes I call animal control on a regular basis. They have learned how to keep their animals just well enough to avoid trouble.