My husband is obsessed with his mother. Ever since his father died 5 years ago it's been all about poor mommy. Before then he would stick up for us when ever she bashed us but after his fathers passing mommy is always right. At the funeral she told my daughter how bad she was that she never calls them. And he just sat there saying yes your right mom. At my daughters wedding he and his mother sat together holding hands and dancing. When we took family pictures I was told to sit on the other side of the picture so they could be together holding hands.Last year he went on vacation to be with her for over a month because she was so depressed. She lives in another state so they would take walks on The beach after dinner holding hands and some times her friends would go with them and he would walk in between them holding both their hands as they walked. He brought me home pictures showing me this that's how I know. He keeps them on the dresser so we can see them everyday. His mothers friend took them out to dinner and got him drunk so she had to take him home with her. He tells me nothing happened but after that night she wanted to take him on a cruise and sends him cards for birthdays and holidays and even letters now and then. I'm never allowed to read them but he is a happy , giddy person for days after he gets them. He has to talk to his mother every week otherwise she's depressed. We went on vacation in the state she lives in but I couldn't go with him to visit her. He won't stop says her and her friend are just lonely old women who need him to talk to. It's making me crazy we need him also but it's not god enough. Mommy has to come first. What happened I don't know.
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I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I can relate as my husband's father passed away and now his mother can do no wrong in his eyes and it's always poor pitiful mom...but the weird thing is they were separated and going through a divorce when he died and not really even on friendly terms. I feel for you. I wish I had advice for you but unfortunately I don't know how to handle that situation either. I do agree with the other response that she sounds like she needs professional help for her depression and maybe if you approach your husband with that he may agree out of concern for her.

It is almost same thing here. After my father in law pass away 3yrs ago..she is too much interfere and control my life...my husband is only son wt 2 sisters..really life is making me go crazy...I always will have squarels with my hubby..coz of this...

Go back and read your own story with open eyes.