I Feel Like Going Crazy With This In-laws And Husband

Hi I'm newbie here...I am really in very big dilemma here ..where I married my husband for six yrs.my husband is mommy boy and close to his family...I have no child. Has gone thru medical check up and found my husband got problem. Which is cant cure with remedies..only need to go for icsI operation :((... Ok I can accept that..but now the big problem is with his mom and sisters... Always have to see their faces bcoz staying with them... His mom after his dad passed away... Too much interfere in my life and too much hope to my husband...money, time etc... I am really not happy at all in my daily life wt my husband..add very sad coz of need to except that I will never have child in my life..coz of
Him.he also don't understand my feelings that I sacrifice my life for him..he most of the only care abt his family..god...I dont know how explain..feels like just let go this life..but at same time I couldn't stay in lonely life..where no reasons for leaving for who??

him..but I just can't understand my husband toomuch
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Do you have any family around? Maybe it's time to take a break and go stay with them for awhile to sort out your head and figure out what you want to do with your life.
How do you expect your marriage to work when you're living with his family. You two need to be on your own. He also needs counselling for help in getting over being a momma's boy. He married you. You are supposed to come first. You are now immediate family. His mother and sisters are extended family.
You should probably seek counselling also. I would suggest you two go on your own and then do marriage counselling when the therapist says it's time.
I'm sorry that he can't have children, but to bring a child into those circumstances would not be a smart thing to do. (in case you were ever thinking about adoption). You two need to be on the same page first about how you want your life to be.
You don't say how his family treats you. If they treat you nice, fine. (you still shouldn't be living with them). If they are nasty to you, then it's up to your husband to protect you from that. Does he make any plans for the future about you two moving out, or does he expect you to live with them forever. Need more info from you in order to really give you proper advice. good luck

HI, west thank you very much for your advice..actually he has no plans to move out from them.. I got to bare on this forever...the worst come is he has to be prepared financial for his sis weddings...again I felt like they too depend on him... Bcoz of his father no more. Haiz..... Day to day I feel like living in hell life...just feel like let go him...coz of his family...at the same time he also never care abt my wealth...happiness etc...looks like he only expect to be very nice to his family...so he can treat me better...just feel like wasted my 6 yrs life with him..:(

Wast, I do have my sisters stay around...I have tried when the last quarrel...with his mom...it makes me ******* when he scold my dad with bad words over the phone...my dad then ask just step out the. House and ask stay separate from him at least 4 mths...but I couldn't taken the situation and couldn't leave without him and at Same time he ask me to go back home...end just 2 weeks ago I go back home...but situations get worst...

Sounds like you need to get out of there.
He's paying for his sisters wedding? why? tell him to use that money for you two to get your own place instead. If he won't, then you know where his priorities lie and that should give you a clue on what you should do.
If he's not concerned about your health or happiness, time for you to go. See if you can stay with your family til you can get on your feet again. You shouldn't have to live in misery. Nobody deserves that.