Happily Ever After

In the begin I really liked my mother in law. Well both of them really. But then I learned they were talking behind my back calling me fat. Like I dont already know that!!! Then comes last summer when I had my gallbladder out and I needed somewhere for my daughter to go for a few days. So she went to stay with my sister in law 3 hours away. My in laws were so upset that they didnt get to watch her. They live in the same town they could have seen her everyday!

So long story short my daughter fell one day and got a bruise on her cheek. The in laws decided to call Child Protective Services on my sister in law (their daughter) and report that she had abused my daughter. Completly untrue!! My daughter is 4 1/2 and she would have told me if something happened.

A few weeks later we had to go to a meeting with a social worker so she could talk to my daughter. Of course she found no grounds for a case.

Now my husband and I have a permanent record with CPS   PERMANENT!!!

And ahe wonders why I havent spoken to their family in almost a year and she hasn't seen my children,

All in all it turned out pretty well because now I have a great reason why I dont want to go to family events.  Life goes on I guess... 

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1 Response May 12, 2007

My husband's relatives have had a family reunion every year since 1978. I stopped going to them 3 years ago, along with holiday get togethers. Life is too short to be around a MIL that is miserable and toxic, and who teaches her children to be the same way.