Rude, Rude and Rude!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I hate my mother in law!!!! My husband and I just got maried, not only did they not offer to pay for anything (and they have money) my mother in law came to the wedding wearing BLACK!!! To make it worse, we recieved no gift from them, no card, NADA!

  Now that I am pregnant with their first grandchild, I have not recieved one call, email anything asking me how I am doing or the baby. In fact when I send out group emails regarding the development of the baby she is the only one who doesn't respond! I recently shared with her the baby names we where thinking of, all she could respond with is "at least they are easy to spell". The woman is a NIGHTMARE!

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3 Responses May 12, 2007

yes..,all signals you gave point to the fact that she does not like you. " In laws " be them father in law, sister in law , mother in law , can be people worst nightmare. first rule- dont expect anything good from her. 2- if possible try to avoid much contact with her. 3-be prepared for the gossip ,She will try to convince other you are not a good person. , 4 - try to make allies in your husband family such as a sister in law.., or a brother in that mother in law will not be able to isolate you.

Sounds like my MIL. The good news is, if she doesn't have an interest in your baby, at least she wont be trying to manipulate him when he's older.

Hmmm, sounds like my MIL took lessons from your MIL! Mary is the same way. She never asks any questions about me...every conversation revolves around her and Fiance. Gag me. I've learned to keep her at arms length, or she will just end up hurting me more.