What a Nudge

My MIL has the temperment of a high school girl.. so she does a lot of ***-for-tat, gossip, etc. very lame..
She does things I dont like-example, she says "what the parents dont know wont hurt them" meaning she will ignore any rules and do whatever she wants-ok, bad idea- so she has been alone for 4 hours with my son once, he is now 4 months old.
She complains I dont let her watch him/come over..etc.
So, I have to do something on a weekend day- I ask her to watch him one day, if possible, at her convenience.  It will be for about 6 hours or so..she responds she is very very busy and will check her schedule.  Is it any wonder I keep her away from him?  She is such a fake - we brought donuts to a little get together once and she freaked out, made a scene..."this is what you bring.." btw the first time she came to my sisters house for a nice breakfast she brought donuts- from shoprite..not even dunkin donuts..so annoying. 

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2 Responses Jul 22, 2008

sounds like my mother in law yaking about everyone she knows and lord help you if you talk about things in her queeness presents it hurts her if she cant tell you shes 73 and knows all !!! my mother in law keeps a score card on money and any thing well i think she saw my back statements how how much money we have payed her to live with her and shes gotten off this horse of ive opend up my house to you iam waiting for her to say that again and iam going to put it to her well i gave up my house for you you aint grateful w have payed her 7 grand to live with her paying rent , about 15 grand toltal hellping her with bills

Arent they all! We feel for you here...just keep the stories coming so you feel better about her...