Mil Is Fake And Selfish

My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years and we have a 2 ½ year old daughter. Well, when I first met my inlaws, everything was how it was supposed to be: nice, calm, and we did get along very well, but everything has changed since I announced my pregnancy: I got really close to my father in law (probably because he is the best grandpa ever) and my mother in law showed her true color for me.
First months of the pregnancy, she (the MIL) kept telling everyone that she would to quit her job to help my husband and I with the baby, so we could go back to work and do not worry about paying for a day care. In fact, she would talk about how she would help, and people would just say “oh, you are an amazing mother and will be an amazing grandma”. I didn’t believe she would quit her job, and she didn’t!
So, our baby was born, and since that day, my MIL has changed A LOT. She would NEVER stop by to see how we were doing, even to just drop off some dinner, or offer her time so I could shower. Actually, she worked part time, and her husband, my FIL, said “why don’t you help them in the afternoon?”. She had no option, but played a dirty game with me : she would cancel last minute, saying that she wouldn’t be available that day because she had a docs appt, or a last minute lunch with her best friend, or that the hair salon had an open spot and she needed to go.
One day, tired of her excuses, I told her to forget about the deal we had, bc I could take care of my daughter myself. She flipped out! That sweet lady, that would never talk loud, started cursing, dropped the F bomb and few time, and hang up.
Oh well, 5 mins later she calls back to apologize, and you know why? Because she knew I would tell her son and she would be the bad person. Since that day, we never got back to normal. Now we live in a cold war.
She seems a nice lady, well, in fact she is, everyone adores her, but there is something on her that keeps me away from trying to ever get close again. I have a strong personality, and it is very easy to read me because if I am unhappy, people just notice it. And she doesn’t like that. She even criticizes my excitement about the holidays! OMG. I get super excited about Xmas bc I never had xmas growing up, and she just gets weird around me when I am decorating my own house, or showing to my husband and FIL the presents I got for our daughter. Oh, and when she asks what we (my husband and I) would like to get for Xmas, she makes fun of everything I say, and she says that she is going to take notes on my behavior to make sure I deserve anything. I feel like she uses anything she can to just put me down, for being spontaneous and happy about life and moments like XMAS!
I don’t hate her, but I do dislike her. I don’t miss her when she is not around, and when she comes to visit us, I feel uncomfortable and keep wishing that she just get up and leave. This is just a brief description of my relationship with my MIL, and I know that there are worst cases out there, but for me, my MIL is simply fake and selfish.
thedaughterinlaw thedaughterinlaw
Nov 27, 2012