Amazing Video Reunion-a Must Watch:

Hi everyone, this is one of the most touching things I have ever seen.  Please watch the short clip.  *there is an error in the writing...they were reunited after five years apart not one year.  There is much information found on Christian if you want to know more details!  I hope you enjoy and have your kleenx ready:) 


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Sorry Guys, didn't know it'd be a PIA to copy and paste to see it on You Tube. It's much easier in emails than on here! If you're still curious, just go to You Tube and type in Christian the Lion Reunion Video. It's been making it's way in everyone's emails, myspace, facebook you name it. It's the most talked about emails lately. Be sure to have a tissue handy, because this is one video you will NOT WANT TO MISS!! Also, try to forward this link to many as you can. Life is so precious and we need to see more of moments like this.

I did cry, the Whitney Houston song didn't help though! lol! There are a lot of videos of Christian. He is mother would love him...She just got her first tattoo it is a male lion surrounded by flowers, its very pretty.

It's about Christian The Lion

It wasnt allowing me to copy & paste and when I manually typed it in it just took me to youtube so what were you watching cause now i am annoyed and curious