Mil From H*ll

I married my high school sweetheart...we have known each other for 17 years. Dated for 4 years before we got married. When I moved into his moms house she was okay at first she is a alcoholic so I dealt with it then she. Started smoking crack and become moe manipulative and hatefull. So fast foward a couple years I had to get out of there cause I can't stand drugs and deal with her drunk *** all the time using people to get her alcohol cause she is so shitfaced drunk or high on drugs so we got our own place after a lot of pleading and persuadeing . So eventually me & my husband got married and unfortunately the evil conniving two faced mil from hell was at the wedding she put on a front and gave me a hug afterwards and said welcome to the i pretty much ignore her stupidly but these last two days have taken the cake.. Her birthday is today so she decided she wanted to have a mom son dinner wich I didn't mind but she invited her boyfriend ( also a crackhead) to this dinner but Iu guess my hubby was told clearly I'm not invited.. That's a bunch of Bs excluding me like that even tho Applebee's is crappy food how rude and childish can you be?? Then to top that off I clean houses for a living and haven't worked in awhile at at REAL job so she comes over yesterday while I'm gone cleaning a clients house and she ask one of me & hubby's friends who happens to be at my house where I am at and after he tells her I'm out cleaning a house she has the nerve to say "about time" and goes on to say how I do nothing in me & my husbands relationship ( like its any of her buisness). I work my *** off helping my husband when I can I spent all my money I earned $125 that day and bought groceries with every last dime I had so her son could eat yet imthe worthless piece of **** sorry I Don't smoke crack and drink everyday and go to work drunk.. I swar I hate her and I'm on the brink of getting a divorce I love my hubby but I can't stand his mom!!
Kittykat20178 Kittykat20178
Dec 1, 2012