Made In Hell!!!

I have this mil who, i wish would have never existed before.

I and by fiance were happy and very happy before our marriage.I used to pay visits to his house that time on request of my mil that it will help me "adjust" later.

But nothing has helped me at all. I got married and just one week into my new life my mil made me feel how much I was not welcome at all.She made all sorts or arrangements to make me feel suffocated and alone. She even succeeded in making my husband feel that I am behind all negative things happening in the house.We quarrelled almost everyday on the same topic.

My husband never believed me.He had blind belief on his mother and claimed that I am panicking and that everything is normal.

I moved out with him after 8 months of mental torture thinking she would leave us alone.But that lady still intereferes in our life and that is quite evident from my husband's behavior.

Please advise how can I uproot her presence from our lives.
anindikar anindikar
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012