Farewell, Everyone

My husband has decided that he would prefer it if I left EP. So I'm going to honor his wishes and do so. However, I must share one more story about my mother-in-law.

My husband's birthday recently took place (I will not give the precise date), and she told him that she was going to enlarge and frame one of our wedding pictures as his gift. My husband was very pleased and excited, imagining that he would be receiving a tasteful picture of the two of us. I was less optimistic, mindful of the help and the good gifts she had given us in the past.

The picture arrived, magnificently framed. My husband was in the center of the photo, handsome and smiling. And I was edited out, as was the portion of the arm that my husband had around me in the original photo. So she sent us a picture of my husband and his disembodied hand floating in midair.

My husband complained. My mother-in-law blamed the shop where she took the photo to have it enlarged. She assured him that she would send another picture.

And she did. Of herself. In a bikini.

We're pretending that this a gag gift. Maybe it is. Or maybe this is really why my father-in-law demanded that she go into therapy.

So anyway, goodbye everyone. Thank you for reading my stories and sharing your own. I wish you all the best of luck with your crazy, cruel, irritating, and exhausting mothers-in-law.
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

This story is so so so funny. What a horrid woman.

Is (was) this AngeliqueV? If so, I'm going to miss you! I wish you nothing but the best


Your stories were colourful.

Why would anyone tell anyone else to go off EP.

No one knows who anyone is.

You could come back under a new name and tell new stories.