She Drives Me F-ing Nuts!!!!!

I have never met someone like her, This woman is a complete *****... and goody good.. Did i mention they live in a church?

When i first met my MIL I just thought that she was a little slow ( not being rude but i did think this) The way she handles situations is like dealing with a 2 yr old... If something does not go her way she will completely ignore my husband and make him feel like crap... I wish she would just ignore me ....

So all the fighting started with wedding planning... She wanted to help planning .... Ok fine...I can deal with that. She did the invites (which looked like ****) I didnt say a thing .. She wanted the ceremony religious... ok cool not my thing but u will do it to mke my husband happy... I made his sister the maid of honor because i figured my friends wouldnt be able to fight about that... BIG MISTAKE 9 months of planning and NOT ONE PHONE CALL... she didnt show up for the jack and jill, or when i oicked out m dress, or when we picked the brides maid dresses and she had the nerve to ask me to pay her $65 each bridemade to do there hair WTF ARE U KIDDING ME ?... And heres my gf doing all this work with me so i said forget u MY GOD DID THIS CAUSE ****.... The MONSTER INLAW went nuts fighting with husband saying she wanted a family wedding... My god i wanted a maid of honor to help me for my big... wasnt getting it from his sister..

While i got married i was 5 months pregnant, we kept it secret from his family because they wouldnt approve of the whole sex b4 marriage thing... She didnt acknowledge the fact i was pregnant or once ever congratulated me... Once the baby was borne she came into the room and TOOK A PICTURE WITH EVERY ONE IN THE EXCEPT FOR ME!! lIKE i gave birth to him dont i deserve some credit ? No congrats nothing ... B I T C H !!! She loves my son soo much SHE WANT TO BE THE MOTHER..... When i would bring the baby to her place she would take him from me not even aying hi and not even let me touch him... Then When he went there over night she would not let him wear anything that said " MOM" on it .... LIKE ARE U KIDDING ME? She even asked for other clothess....

Did i mention that they have money? and gave us a "bed in the bag" for our wedding gift? And lent us 2 grande ... what a nice gift B I T C H.... Ughh theres so much more i could say... but this letter is already too long I hate her... She Hates me What can i do ?

boom2011 boom2011
22-25, F
Dec 5, 2012