Yesterday, i made lunch for everyone, couse MIL was not at home. Guess what? Today she made the exact same lunch. I mean, not the potatoes and that common thing lunch, that i would understand. No, uncommon lunch. Ok, whatever.
Than, i chatch FIL, standing in front of our window, looking in, what we doing. WTF. I saw him in mirror. Creepy much?
But now, they said to us, that we have no right taking a shower with warm water. We are not paying for water, it's our ground water, and for worming up, we are using wood, witch we all get together. They say, that wood its only for warming up a house, and that we don't help with wood, what it's not true at all. They yelled at us, that we dont have any rights, and that they gonna brake the mashine, so it will not warm up the water. Sure, thats fine with them, they don't wash at all, they smell like sh**. Im so pissed. Is that normal? The way they behave?
craftgirl craftgirl
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2012