I Might Just Go Insane.

This is the first time I am sharing my story so here goes... I have a boyfriend and a beautiful little girl with him. We are teen parents trying to work at our relationship and getting used to it all. I stay at his house 3-4 times a week because I can use the help with my daughter (he's a great help) I do stay at home as well with my mom but prefer to be with him (were a family) he lives with his dead beat mother who has never raised him. She gave him to his grandmother who also lives in the house. She's 39 still living with her mother paying no rent. She's sloppy and nasty and has a filthy mouth. Curses at her daughter and has the voice of a loud speaker. She doesn't know how to speak and her house is a MESS! (She lives in the back of the house) rat **** all over her floors. She hoards everything and you can't see her floors. Her daughters room is the same. Her dolls have rat **** In their hair!!! And she does nothing about this!! She constantly takes my daughter back there and I run to the back asking her to please bring her back to me. I can't have my daughter around that! And to top it off she smokes weed and kicks her daughter out her space to do so. I've never heard her tell my boyfriend that she loves him and she never takes him out anywhere on a mother-son thing. She always looks at me up and down an stares into space like a nut! My problem is IM ASHAMED THAT THIS IS WHAT MY DAUGHTER CALLS GRANDMA! Btw she also does nothing for my daughter. Not that she has to but grandmas usually spoil their grandkids. My mom does! I'm around her because my bf and I can't afford a place right now ... We're getting back on our feet. She also knows that her other son is in the streets 24/7 and she doesn't care! She tells him "it's cold out put a sweater" like wtf it's 1:00 in the morning! She also is just a plain old liar about anything and everything. Also when my boyfriend and I don't have money on us and ask to borrow 3$ for milk (they we would always return) she ALWAYS says she doesn't have it when she does! She's never ever said yes to us borrowing small amounts of money. Also, in the begging of this year we were moving into her apt that she had upstairs while she was moving downstairs. The room that we were giving to our baby upstairs was filled with garbage and old KFC boxes, paper, broken toys, clothes, mouse poop ANYTHING you can think of.. Pilled almost to the ceiling (I swear) and I ended up cleaning it because she said it wasn't her mess. Meanwhile the damn room was for her grandchild. AND she also wanted to keep things that were in there.. The stuff was clearly garbage! Please I'm going crazy I need advice. She drives me nuts to the point where I don't want her around my daughter to influence her!!! Help :(
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WELL,you had a good reason for writing in this blog.Maybe I can explain a few things because I have worked for Children and Family Services in Canada for 26 years.I am also a Develomental Services Worker and I have studied Psychology for 26 years.

You are clearly a very responsible teen parent with good Mental Heath and a maturity that is beyond your years.

Your MIL has several Mental Health problems that need to be addressed for the safety for your baby and also for the safety of her children.

Hoarders are people with OCD which is an anxiety disorder that causes them to collect garbage and keep it.The screaming you hear is anxiety,depression and ___POSSIBLY__another Psychiatric illness that needs medication and treatment.

Let's talk about mouse droppings because they have caused deaths in people when they become air borne.That means that the droppings dry out and then they are vaccumed up and particles enter the air.When this happens mouse droppings CAN SOMETIMES be breathed in.The CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL say's that the ( DRY.....mouse droppings,or sliva or urine ) can enter the lung and cause a disease called HANTAVIRUS.from Deer mice,cotton rats and white footed mice.

Don't freak out the chances of this happening are RARE./However ......babies tend to be oral and put things in the mouth !! so your MIL's Mental Illness is not only disturbing to all the children adults it also a GREAT HEALTH RISK to the children and adults.

SOLUTIONS......I will tell you the___ BEST WAY____ to get everything clean and safe and get the MIL into treatment.Have your mom, a Doctor,nurse or friend secretely report her to the Childrens Aid Society or The City Health Department.They will come in for an inspection and then things can become safe for the children and safe for the adults.You will hear screaming and yelling from the MIL but you already hear that anyway.....right.

OR,........get your baby away from the garbage,yelling and rodents for her safety.Move over to mom's house if your boyfriend freeks out about my advice.The problem is that any of the other children or adults could die from HANTAVIRUS if you just move away from the problem.

I am BEYOND grateful to you for responding to my story. After reading your response I will definitely be taking action and also will stay home! I don't play around with my daughters health and I never really thought of mouse poop being extremely harmful. I've known since I first met her that she has mental problems but it seems like everyone in the family is too dumb to realize. Their family is all messed up. I will definitely be reporting her for the safety of her daughter who she doesn't seem to care about. It's a shame. Thank you so much!!

Just wanted to say retiremesoon has excellent advice if I were in your place I would follow what he says. I hope thhings work for your young family

Thanks a lot!

Like the show on A&E called " HOARDER " these people don't realize the danger with keeping garbage and rodents in a house.

They are so full of Anxiety and Depression that the OCD takes over.

If I see a person in this situation I would immediately get them the help they need.Of course they will hate the person for reporting them but those children can't report it.

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