My Mother In Law What Be Just Like Her.

Well I My mother in law what be like her because she what go home after work clean the house all the tim. My house not that bad or not small bad it dose not.. I love go my chafts and she dose not any thing but clean and make supper. My husbin dose help me with house work and make supper. Well I donot hate her but I donot l donot like what she want. Anyone is same with me let me know?

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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Yeah i hear you. My MIL would tell anyone i live in filth and garbage and yet they've had to do a massive hoarder cleanup that's taken 5 construciton dumpsters so far for their home.
Truthfully the only garbage i have is the junk that's blown over here that i have to pick up every few days.
If you want to do crafts and your home is fine between you and your husband its none of her business.

I hear what you are saying.

You should so what you love to do ( CRAFTS ) and your Mother Inlaw should mind her own business.