They Don't Change

Over the past month I have slowly went though everything in my house and given anything that came as a gift from my screwed up nut job inlaws. Everything is given to charity and anything that's a needed item i'm simply replacing. I had really hoped that some time and space might if not make amends might at the very least establish some form of peace. That of course would mean the other half of the fight would have to also lay down arms and just move on.
They lie about me. If it happened in the news today and was bad i'm sure they have found a verse in the bible that connects me and my heathen ways to that event. Really I don't care.

I don't care until they start on their own son and brother. Yes yeti, bigfoot the monster sasquatch of the eastern plains just had to rear her ugly maw and start garbage. My SIL. The spawn of my MIL queen succubus. In reality I can't tell them apart anymore.

During a church gathering at their home one of the holy roller children of god parked his truck in front of my driveway blocking us in. Of course my first thought is haha i'll call a tow truck. But keeping in mind its been fairly quite and peaceful I indstead asked my husband to please ask to have it moved. I watched from the window while my husband stood there and chatted with the truck owner both of them smiling and just in general being nice. The man apologized for parking there moved his truck and i thought no more of it.

I should have know better. The wild rumor now is that my husband stormed out of our door yelling and cussing for him to get his blankety blank truck out of here all the while shooting him the finger etc etc etc. And where do you think this little gem came from. The huge towering upright ape, Sasquatch. She bleated the lie to my MIL told everyone else and ended with the whole family once again believeing them and a gentle request to my poor husband to be nicer to the church people. Of course FIL had to explain why to which my husband simply told him it wasn't true.

I don't care if anyone believes us or not at this point. But here's the kicker. His mother called and asked us both to Thanksgiving dinner. ummmmm NO! and what would we like for Christmas. Not going to happen. Perhaps if they could get a proper choke chain or shock collar on Sasquatch there could have been at the very best a cordial quick visit. Now all I have is one more reminder of why they need to be out of our lives. My husband is hurt , and rightfully so. He calls this his punishment for being and staying married to satan. That would be me.

At this point both of us are at peace with the decisons that his parents have made. Because in the end it is their behavior and lies that set this path. I don't think my husband has spoken to any of them since his father accused him of acting like a savage. I have considered calling the church and asking to speak to the person who is supposed to have said my husband was so nasty to him. There is a good chance he hasn't a clue of the lie spawned by this family. We however have decided that unless confronted its better for us to move on and leave them to wallow in their lies. Karma has a way of flipping back around and slapping the bejesus our of people like them. Let the universe set things right.

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Something's will never change, seems to me like the i laws fall I into that category. I believe the only thing good that will come from your keeping your distance is your own piece of mind. That's what we had to do. Unfortunately for me, after a year if not speaking, we gave MIL another chance. She acted as if she changed. But in the end (only took here six months) and she had spewed more venom and was much more destructive then before. I haven't spoken to here in over 2 years now and every time I hear her name I see red. My husband and I are no longer together and I blame most of it on her. She won in the end! So advice to you is stay away even if they come crawling back saying they have changed. Odds are, they haven't.

Your story makes me want to join a church and become LOVING and KIND Christian.

Too bad your hubby didn't own a mini tape recorder.He could have played it for his father and the rest.

It wouldn't have solved a thing because you are beast of Satan and you can use such trickery to destroy good Christian people by changing the words on a tape recorder.....RIGHT ??

Bascially your damed if you do and damed if you don't.Time to move AWAY.....FAR AWAY....if you can.Distance makes the heart grow fonder....LOL

As of this bit of nonsense there will be no more interactions that are NOT recorded.
Modern technology puts people like this at a disadvantage. This was so annoying because after months of just leaving each other alone it seems Sasquatch seen her brother asking to have a truck moved and enacted what i'm sure by now in her deluded mind what really happened.
My husband is a born diplomat. and I asked him to do this simply becasue I know myself well enough to just stay out of it.
The whole crew of them are typical christian hypocrits. They use the bible as a book of excuses to act nasty and sit in judgement on anyone who doesn't hold thier fundamental-y-ill narrow view of the world.
As to moving.I'm looking but unless I find something as nice as what i'm leaving we'll not be driven out of our home by these bible quoting back stabbers.
Whats funny is that once you pretty much erase them from your life and just watch them like some white trash low lifes conducting their daily business its actually pretty entertaining. There's enough space between us that we can live our lives without having to interact. I find it sad and pathetic it's come to this but I will keep saying it. This is their choice not ours. We did not pick a fight or even try and keep it going , They own it. Not me and not their son.
If at some point they are stupid enough to try and start anyting else they should be aware there is a case number opened with the country sheriff from our complaints and they have been informed and we will pursue a restraining order and if that is violated then they will have to face the consequenses of their actions.

And yes I am the spawn of Satan and every bad thing that happens to them is something I have myself personally sat up and thrown bat legs into a boiling kettle while chanting prose to unearth cthulhu to devour them.

I love your SPIRIT and your husbands DIPLOMACY.

To steal a quote....." When you pick the behavior then you've picked the consequences. " They started it'll end it....LOL