Think I Have More Than Enough Reasons To Despise This Woman!!!

here is what my mother in law did to me last year in front of my children. she needs help & my husband & kids need to move back to my hometown where we had no problems for 7 years. problems only started since we moved closer to my in-laws a year & a half ago; had i known my mil had emotional issues that would cause her to act out towards me i would never of moved in the first place at least she was nice enough to put it in writing the absolute worst of what she has done to me!!! of course her spelling is horrible but then again so is everything else about her....
"after i goot off the treadmill i decided that i wanted to put in writing what i felt i had done to you. deliberately, i barged into your house 2 times and the first time i was ready to push you through a window and all i did was grab your arm and hiot you. then again i barged in when no one heard my horn blasting and again i grabbed your arm even though you told me to let go and get out of your house. words were exchanged over you fb post but that was all."

she left bruises the second time! i was able to keep my hands to myself but have lots of resentment towards her & her actions havent improved much she does whatever she wants even if its wrong or hurtful & is never held accountable!!! i am so sick of her misery about her own life affecting my family! hopefully we will be moving soon.
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she sounds crazy, hang in there. If you were happy with your husband before then there's chance that you will again soon. Save her letters, just in case. Keep your doors locked. I am a huge advocate of expecting the worst only to prepare yourself for anything possible. Once in that mind set, you will think of all the little things you can do to avoid what she has in store. Good luck to you!

Make sure you keep copies of that letter in a safe place.Your MIL is admitting to ASSAULT and you may need that if she ever makes up a lie about you.

I'm sorry that you moved closer to the Patsy Cline " CRAZY" LADY.Who's idea was that ??

Didn't your hubby know that she was nuts ?