my soon-to-be MIL is insane. I sincerely mean that as a fact, not an opinion or insult. I have loads of material but i'll start with this tidbit:

My fiance and i live in an apartment 5 mins from his parents house. We have caller ID and sometimes just don't want to answer the phone and hear about what bullshit his younger sisters are pulling or just be annoyed.

This is the MIL's newest trick: she calls his cell phone - no answer? call my cell phone - no answer? call the house phone - no answer? repeat 2 more times. 

if by the end of the 3rd cycle there's no answer, SHE DRIVES TO OUR APARTMENT AND KNOCKS ON THE DOOR WHILE YELLING.

more to come...

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keep up your boundaries! i had a psychologist tell me that i had to set boundaries and keep them without budging in order 'train' the person not to infringe on your rights to privacy and private time with your significant other. now if it's been a few days/weeks since you last 'checked in' to let them know you're alive ... that's a different story ... lol