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Mean Spirited Mother In Law

I have tried to include my mother in law in the family. She continually finds reason to insult me and attempts to cause trouble between me and my husband. I planned a very special Christmas dinner and included her and at the last minute she cancels due to the fact that she hates me. I have been married 30 years and have known for a long time that she just hates me for no reason other than I exist.
It is a continual mean spirit that I cannot deal with any more. I told my husband that I am done with her in my life. I removed her phone number turned in her house key what a cathartic experience. To be able to share this makes me feel more empowered. I don't actually hate her because this takes to much energy-I just don,t care any more.
Jejejexey Jejejexey 66-70, F 1 Response Dec 27, 2012

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good for you! This shows me that there may be no hope for me and I now do not feel bad about writing mine off. I will not allow that energy into my life. I wish i was at a point where I don't care, as you are, and I hope I can get there soon.