Miserable Mil

I have one of the most mean spirited (future) MIL out there. It's a very long story but to keep it breif she refuse to come to our destination wedding even though we offered to pay for her trip. She convinced her sons who had promiced to be in the wedding party to back out. My dad passed away and she wouldn't even send me a card or email. She wouldn't bring it up and was so mean to me when I saw her that she refused to greet me. I told her 'nice to see you' and she replyed 'ya well'.
My fathers death was extremely painful for me as he took his own life. He had tried to seek help but fell through the cracks. Turns out the pharmacy gave him the wrong perscriptions. Anyway with dealing with his death my mil was cruel. She said that my dad was prob in hell, and that craziness prob runs in my family etc etc. she called one day and started yelling at me that I need to see things from her point of view that she is losing her son. She fills my fiancées younger siblings heads with lies about me and I am pretty sure the younger ones believe her. FIL feels bad about the sit but is scard to bring it up. It would mean he would get shunned by his family. Anyway there is a lot more to this story but bottom line she is a very negitive and miserable person. Good thing my fiancée and I love each other so much, all she has managed to do is bring us much closer.
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Go enjoy your wedding. The MIL can nail herself to the cross all by her lonesome

I wouldn't attempt to mend it. Let her be the miserable one and let her sulk playing the victim.

Oh and we are no longer on speaking terms with MIL and one of my fiancé's brothers who wrote me a very nasty email. Our wedding is in 2 months and it just feels like there is so much tension, like who is going to end the stalemate. I refuse to do anything until after the wedding/ honeymoon.
After reading some of other people's stories, I see lots of similarities. She needs to play the victim and I doubt that will ever change. She is a control freak and now that her 5 kids are growing up that control is slipping away. she comes from a big family too and only speaks to 2 of her siblings and none of her inlaws. I'm actually afraid to attempt to mend the relationship as I don't want her influencing my future children with her negativity and hate.