Conflicts Between My Mil N My Mom.

I feel like this is the only place I can shout out my emotional struggles, please if you read this, please guide me.

I live with my husband, MIL and my mom.
My MIL seems to always misunderstand my mom. My husband and I both knew in our heart that my MIL always the one starts all the misunderstanding, first to start all the arguments, all the angers. When I seriously swear my mom did not say anything provokes but is my MIL mind that is playing all the funny thoughts. What ever my mom says, she will thinks a way and try to say my mom is indirectly provoking her.
My mom comes from a sad family, and my sis in law is someone that refuse to stay with MIL, she wants to have a hse only her n my brother.
My mother has no placed to go, no money no hse. All she have is me, I couldn't leave her alone out there, is my responsible to take care of my loving mother. She gave me heart and soul, my life. I don't understand why is this happening to us, my husband and I are both filial children's. But my MiL is making everything difficult for us, for me mom. God, pls help me, I really need ur help. I couldn't pass things, I am helpless.
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It's hard to comment on this because you don't say who owns the house or whose names are on the lease or who pays the bills. Obviously, your mother and your mother-in-law are not going to get along. It's really, really hard for a married couple to live with parents and your situation is even worse because you live with two parents - one on each side of the marriage. To make that worse, they are two WOMEN. :-) Help your mother apply for public housing. Help her get on disability or get a job. Subscribe her to a dating site so she can get a life outside of yours. These are just ideas. The main thing is that like a bomb, you have to diffuse the situation. It's not going to get any better. Nobody is happy. And, one last thing. You owe your mother respect, nothing more. She didn't do anything for you that any good mother wouldn't have done. The child does not owe it's entire life to its parent just for being a good parent, and a good parent would not expect that in return. I don't think either mother in this situation means to make anyone miserable, but both of them are making you miserable. This is fixable. Don't be overcome by it. Overcome it.