I Hate Her!!!

i have been with my BF for over a year now and we got pretty serious in are relationship. at the beginning of are relationship i never heard from his family because he never really had a relationship with them until a few month ago his mom start calling him all the time and now all she does is text him and call to ask him to do stuff for her and she goes crazy if he doesn't answer is phone she will call over and over again until he answer and most of the time it will be early in the morning and she the other day we where in the car with her and she start saying that all she was earring from me is that i wanted stuff but i should start saving my money and give time to my boyfriend for him to save his money and it drove me crazy that she said that because i wasn't talking about nothing i wanted but only a apartment that i was looking into maybe renting so anyway she was making me feel like i was golddiger when im not i pay the bill in the house we living in and i pay for all of my stuff i never ask my boyfriend for anything. i just can't deal with her anymore i feel like my boyfriend is not only dating me but his mother also and its driving me crazy i don't know what to do anymore i don't want to leave him but i feel like if i don't she will never stop coming in between me and him what should i do?
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Thank you for all the respond i finally talk to my boyfriend about the situation and he told me he will put boundaries and that wathever happen he will always have my back and since we talk i can see some difference and im verry happy in my relationship again so thank you for the suport

I couldn't be HAPPIER for you.


If he doesn't do that then it's your job to go see a therapist and work out what you need to do next.

When they interviewed " PRINCESS DIANA " before her death she said this about her marriage to Prince Charles.

The marriage was very crowded with 3 people in it.She ment his girlfriend of course not his mom the queen.

I was in a crowded relationship for 30 years till I threatend to leave.My MIL was very much like yours and she said things that were lies and manipulation with a mean streak.

patience is a virtue...
be more patient :)

I have 26 years of Psychology in the field.

WERE DID YOU GET THIS WISDOM....FROM A 17 MAGAZINE ? ...patience is a virtue...
be more patient :)

everyone can be patient :) but not everyone can be "more" patient with in laws ...