Need To Decide If It Is Worth It

Reading these stories is amazing because I didn't think that people had it as bad as I do. I am not married but been with my boyfriend for a year. He and his daughter live with me and his mother is a real piece of work. I am not sure where to even begin. I guess the first thing that made her hate me was that I am apparently an egotistical ***** because I said that I make really good pudding shots when EVERYONE knows she makes the best! Really?!? But it really got bad when she wanted my bf's 5 year old daughter to do competitive cheer. Let me say not all competitive cheer is bad but there are the teams/gyms that are basically child **** on stage and that is the gym that she insisted he send her. In a side conversation I was talking to him about giving her horseback riding lessons. I used to show and still train and own horses so it seemed logical to teach her to ride. Well the 5 year old mentioned to her grandma how excited she was to ride and preferred riding over cheerleading. Well that was when I got text after text after text the first one starting and I quote (sorry for the vulgarity in advance) "Your a f%$king c$@t!" All my bf text back to her was "mom please stop". Obviously she didn't and my only response to her was "When you are ready to talk to me like an adult we can have a conversation."
Over the next few weeks it was nonstop calling my bf and texting me telling the both of us that I am nothing but a "b" and that I should have absolutely no say in anything that pertains to her granddaughter and that even though she lives with me I should basically ignore her because only my bf, his ex and HER have any right to what happens to her or how she is disciplined. Oh and the discipline that she is referring to is that at dinner I told her that she had to eat her vegetables before she could have her oreo. And through all of this my bf never spoke up a word against her. He even said at one point that he thought of just leaving me to make his mom happy even though he knows that I have done nothing wrong.
Finally she decided to block his phone calls and hacked into his dad's, brother's and sister's phones (they are all on the same line) and blocked the both of us from all of them. I have to say for a little while it was nice. She wasn't around and things between my bf and I got better.
Unfortunately she is back. She has forgiven my bf for anything but pretends that I don't exist when I am around. I can even live with that but this past weekend at a cheerleading competition not only was the 5 year old in a super skimpy outfit with makeup galore but his mom actually s tripped her naked in the stands with everyone around. My bf said he was not happy about it but refused to say anything to his mom. There was a bathroom only feet away! If you have not been to a cheer competition before let me tell you I guarantee that there is at least 1 pedo-phile in the audience. I can only hope he or she didn't snap any pictures. I have NO problem standing up to her and there is NO WAY IN HELL she would ***** my 5 year old naked in public but what happens when I am not around and it is only him and our child?????
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Did some research and if you check the laws in your state you will probably find the GRANDMA has NO RIGHTS to child rearing.

If she has any say it's because the mother and father ALLOW IT !!

I think you have your answer. " he was thinking about leaving you to make his mom happy" that is so wrong of him!!!!! He should be making you happy. Things will not get better between you and his mother. Sadly, when and if you and he have a child together it will only get worse between you, because you will not let her take your baby because of everything you are witnessing her do with you step daughter. You need to find a partner someone who completes you and puts you before mommy. Docor Phil often say's about this cheering sport. " IT'S CREEPY " !!

He also admits that men love to go to these places to pleasure themselves.Isn't that sweet for grandma to subject the grand daughter to the stripping pole early.

At least the horse training is a healthy discipline that doesn't tie her body image to being sexy at 5......." CREEPY " !!