My Mother In Law Is Not Human :(

I don't know maybe it's after I got married I expected my mil to be like my own mother :(((...
Oh she says hurtful things daily ... I not know how god allows her to be happy after having said some nasty stuff and get away by cleverly sneaking behind or near where I am in the house ... Sometimes in the kitchen and she goes on and on and on ... Why why why ::(((((((
I feel so bad that she doesn't care for my parents....nor does she respect anybody...she says she is on a spiritual path but I don't really know whr is all the spirituality lessons going :(((
Anyway I just take in all the nasty stuff she says and I prod over it and share it with my sister...
Everyone feels she is ok ... But NO she is horrible ... I feel so bad when I have a weekend after work alone as my husband works odd weekends sometimes and I have to be with her at home... Oh it's like HELL :(((
Why but it's like the same old story I feel that's never going to end.
Just waiting for the silver lining on my cloud to save me and my life with my husband so we be happy and she just dissappears into some cloud :(((
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Honey I had 30 years of that and the RESNTMENT I developed for my MIL was ...HUGE !!!

You can't live there anymore.I don't think your hubby heard me.....YOU CAN ___NOT___ LIVE THERE ANYMORE.

People will say ignore it but it's like drinking a little.......poison.....everyday she is around you.

Tell that A-HOLE to SHUT UP !! like I finally did.Then you will be able to move out.

It's not going to get better because she is Mentally ILL and she needs a shrink and meds.

Now my wife and I are doing better by my wife and I setting boundries.I tell her what her mom said TODAY and my wife talks to her about her BAD MONTH.

Things were almost acceptable at Christmas this year.The best since 1979 because we keep the beast in a Psychological cage so to speak.

Our problems started in 1979 when people told me to IGNORE HER BAD BEHAVIOR.Much like a bully and spoiled child she even picked on my dad as he died of brain cancer.Isn't she sweet ??

My mother in law is a Narcissist. And is never wrong. My father too had lung cancer and she screamed at him at Walmart. He passed away Dec 23rd. I did not get one card or one phone call from anyone on my husband's side of the family. Instead my MIL wrote me an email two weeks after my father died. Telling me that the sight of me makes her sick and my voice makes her want to puke! I will not ever be around her ever again! Nor will my kids! I told my hubby I'm not going to tell him what to do, cause I don't want him to have any regrets if something happened to his parents. He chose ME and his KIDS. He is done with them also!

In a few months the old bag will come banging on the door like nother ever happened.

Do not open the door because nothing good will come from that.

I guess millions of people are in our shoes.Except that your man is a REAL man.