Needy No Boundary Husband's Mother

Disliking someone takes energy.
Disliking someone causes pain.
Disliking someone causes my husband pain....the one that I care soooo deeply about.

Her name is sara and I dislike her.
She is so emotional and complains about....well everything.
Her health is poor because she does not care for her self.

She jokes about moving in with me.
She calls and txts all the time with my husband.
I think I dislike her because she turns my husband into a "baby boy"
"mama misses her baby boy....o please come home".

What I think is interesting about in-laws is that you have to like them IF your husband values and likes them.

My family...I can like who I want to. Visit when I want to.
I do not have to be fake.
My husband is close to his family.
The problem is...I do not reach out to his family....because I do not care to.
I guess I am afraid of their bad sense of humor and cruel judgement.
In law is not family...
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Really love your statement " n law is not family" because its sooo true!

There are lots of wonderful healthy relationships out there between in laws and spouses. We here are just the choose of the what doesn't kill you makes your stronger tribe.
Yes it does take energy to hate, and its painful to not understand why you seem to have the target pinned on you.
Walking away sometimes is the only thing you can do. They belong to your husband let him deal with them.
The reaching out and her rejection was one more form or manipulation. Nice just long enough to give you hope and then slam ! Kicked you in the gut again.

Never a truer word spoken, they are not family. As DIL we often get the worst parts of being 'family' with very few of the benefits. I was the opposite I tried very hard to reach out only to have it rarely or never reciprocated. It was made very clear that the only intrest they had was because of the girls and even then only went it suited. SAD. If I am not good enough neither are my kiddies. Hence their loss.