The Worst Alcohalic Person Ive Ever Met!

My mother in law, ek it kills me to even refer to her as that. she is the most narrsestic,selfish , demanding rude inforgiving person ive ever met she thinks she is such a great person but in the real world not at all. when i first met my husband i had just gotten laid off of my job and she would tell him that im no good but he didnt listen and it didnt hurt our relaitionship cause we lived so far away but we had to move in with her and her new (4th) husband so the cuniving began she got into his head so bad it almost broke us up then i found a job and got promoted a couple months later not even a congrats or a good job from her. that was a year ago since then shestarted talking to his ex complaing about me and tried to convince me that her son was cheating on me then when that didnt work tried to say that i should brake up with him cause im to good and she "cares for me sooooo much" that shes doesnt want her son to currupt such a " presious soul" now she quit her 200,000 a year job cause her boss was being mean to her and she cant find another one so shes got way to much time on her hands, guys i cant tell you enough how much i hate her and i feel bad but god shes just soo evil she likes to play victum she never does anything wrong its everybody eleses fault of course right. i though about sepreating from my husband cause she is so horrible but i just love him to much i dont know what to do i cant take it anymore i cant tell her how i feel cause shell play victim and ill be the bad guy. oh shes a drinker too she drank onr bottle of jack and a bottle of wine in one night before. how this reched woman is still alive i dont know... i guess it just goes back to the good dye young that means she will live forever!!!!! but when we start having kids there is no way she is coming around my child shes not good enough. i hate her shes caused me so much pain. im need therypy because of her eyes my husband and i are screw ups always will be.
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Easy to say not so easy to do.Keep them as far from your relationship as possible.

3,000 miles is a safe distance.

I feel your pain. We have a baby on the way, and my alchoholic mother in law seems to think that I am going to be a terrible father and she will be amazing, when she was never even there for HER kids. So glad i found this site as a let out... otherwise I may have actually left my partner to get away from her!!!