I Want My Mother And Law To Drown In The River.

She seems to think she is the goddess of the world.
Right, So me and my pregnant girlfriend move out. PURELY funded by my parents. with a £2000 deposit.
There is a strict restriction on dogs, but she has basicly said that because of this the flat my parents have helped us with is ****, and not right for us. WHY?! becuase she cant bring her old farting mutt round.
She now has a personnal vendetta against me, saying im not welcome in her HOME due to this. because im not willing to risk my dads very appreciated deposit.
She has been single, fat and a heavy smoker for years not to mention her obsession with vodka and coke, yet attempts to tell me and my partner how we should be living our lives and how we should treat eachother.

Now it has started. she has started the "how to look after your child" when she abandonned hers at the age of 2 and 4 to their grandmother whilst she waltzed off around the world in search of her pathetic dreams that never happen.

So, back to the flat rant. She now is threatening to bring the dog over ANYWAY, risking my dads money. but she didnt like it when I said if she did that then she can pay him the £2000 personnally!

She also cant take any credit because she is bankrupt then tells me (A FINANCIAL ADVISOR) how i should be managing my money. Then makes pathetic stabs at me about how bad a dad i am going to be because in my spare time, i enjoy movies and my xbox! ******* MORON. there we go , out of my system... this rant probably didnt even make much sense because it was so all over the place!!

so anyone want to help me murder her? (its a joke.. im not a muderer.. i just very much dislike this woman.)
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Sounds alot like what my boyfriend has to say about my mom. She however is complete opposite of your MIL. Shes successful, but shes a bit over bearing.

No your boyfriend is supposed to handle his parents and you handle your own parents.

I took on my MIL because I had ___ENOUGH___ of her mouth after more than 30 years.After that my wife took over when I filed a complaint with her about her mom's mouth.

I broke the rules of Marriage Psychology.

I agree with this. Each person should handle his or her own parents.

Your rant made ALOT of sense to me over in Canada....LOL...I too have a ****,alcoholic,NARCISITIC a-hole MIL to deal with.

She has been into our relationship for 33 years till I puyt my foot down 2 years ago.My wife pleaded with me to " JUST TAKE HER ABUSE AND NOT MAKE HER ANGRY " for 31 years.

Then I had it and I started to tell her to SHUT UP when she stuck her nose into our relationship....EXAMPLE : We are driving her home after Christmas and it's a 600 K return trip.The old bag knows I no longer have night vision so I must get home before dark.I finlly get her and her old dog loaded in the car after my wife walks the dog for an hour.Everything is loaded in the car and my MIL needs help with her seatbelt.My wife opens her door to go help her amd I start my car to warm it.

The old bag starts complaining to my wife." HE'S GOING TO LEAVE WITHOUT YOU " !!! That's it I had it and I turn and say " SHUT UP " !!

Then she always wants my wife to take her dog with her to the store.That means the dog is in the car alone.The MIL KNOWS I DON'T LIKE THIS because it's a $ 5,000 fine if someone reports this,time in jail for my wife for animal cruelty and she loses her Government job of 25 years and we lose her house.

I've explianed that 25 times and the MIL she still doesn't CARE ????

These overgrown children need BOUNDRIES.They don't care about you as long___as THEY GET WHAT ___THEY WANT__LIKE AN 8 YEAR OLD !!