Guess My Children's Safety Doesn't Matter.

The other day I grabbed my tablet to get on Facebook. I started scrolling and realized my husband had been on earlier and was still logged in. I was getting ready to log him off when I saw recent professional pictures of my kids I had never seen before.

So I click on the photographer name to message him. I tell him that the children in the photographs were mine, and I never gave consent to have them shared on Facebook, and to please take them down. (Businesses post pictures that are available for everyone to see. I think of pedophiles.)

He responds back that he was sorry for any inconvenience, but he got consent from the mother after they were taken. The mother brought her children in for pictures and said she had no issues with it. But I will contact her again to make sure...
So he gets back to me saying that he had talked to the mother, she said she had no issue with the photos being shared. What she did with her children was her business.

I was livid. I was able to find out who it was, of course my mil. Shortly after she emails me telling me I have no business telling anyone to take those pictures down, and its certainly none of my business what she does with the kids when she sees them. (Apparently the pics were done end of summer, when I still let her see them, but were just now being posted.)

I was in the end able to prove that I was the mother and the pics were taken down. But seriously? Creeps are all over the internet. I do not appreciate not being in the loop when pictures are being done and then to have my children's faces posted all over the internet without my permission. Ugh, don't even get me started on how she was manipulative to pretend she was the mother and telling the photographer so. I do feel sorry for him though, having to be in the middle.
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I believe it's against the law to post pictures of someone on line without their consent. There are now federal guidelines about this sort of thing, I've been told. That woman's got major issues. I assume she won't be taking the children any longer? Talk about over-stepping! I hope your husband had a nice long chat with her about this. Ridiculous!

Tell her that the next time she puts your kids pictures on facebook you will post nude pictures of her on the internet. this isn't hard with photo shop. find the nastiest ole nude body you can and add her face.....LOL

Not sure if two wrongs make a right, but I get your point. I wouldn't necessarily stoop to her level, but I wouldn't allow her any visiting rights with my kids.....that's for sure!

You are right. it was sort of tongue in cheek type of comment. but her type never seem to get the message. they can always find a way to make about having you the problem not them....

What an absolute b word. What kind of a hole claims to he a mother to kids that aren't hers???

My 50 year old, severely over weight mil claims that where ever she goes people think she is my 6yr old son and 2 year old daughters mother! Maybe one person at her church said they resemble but that's about it. It's possible I guess but I don't wanna here that sh!t!

..thats creepy. If my MIL pulled that bullshit, I'd make it so she never saw my son again.

I snapped last summer. I told her off and she doesn't see them hardly anymore. Only for supervised visits from my husband every 4-6 weeks. I put my foot down.

Im glad you did, what a freaking nut job. You don't take someone's baby across state lines w/o permission. I bet that photographer was falling all over himself with apologies when he found out what happened. At least he should have been.