I Really Dnt Like My In-laws

Hi .. I m new here dnt know from where to start but it has been a week that my life is just out of my controll .. I m married & my sister in law was married to my uncle before..
Actually cause my husband was a good friend of my uncle n my uncle was really close to me , we meet eachother n were together for one year n everything was working so we got married .. From the first day his family dnt like me .. We lived together for about 6 months with his parents but it was not working .. His mom never tries to listen to something so we finally moved out .. But in last few weeks my uncle n my sister-in-law got divorced .. From the day they got divorced my life is just changed they wants me not to have any contact with any member my family n so on .. My husband was the biggest support in my life but now he is not in my side .. I m really feeling bad n wants ur tips if u can help me deal with the situation i will be really happy ..
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Jan 14, 2013