Thinking About Leaving

I don't know where to start its been one thing or another for over 15 years. We have to pay her bills so that she can shop and go on trips and we can not afford to. She acts like she likes me but she doesn't. She has referred to me as *****. She stays in touch with my husbands's past girlfriends. She completely uses and guilts her son into everything. She even tried to get him to go out with others before we got married. I must tell you he is her only living child. The only fights we have something to do with her. Sometimes she can very nice and I feel bad for being angry. One more example we were at a family function and she was wanted me to eat something I kindly said no thank you. In her loud normal voice she said. Are you on another diet again? Everyone turned to look. We where In local restaurant. This is nothing just a few things that came to mind.
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Sad but true it appears most MIL are the pits. Mine kept asking me to make this aweful bean dish and I kept telling her that it is a dish I didn't want to make. Her response, "my family likes that dish.." Well I didn't make it, I ended up making something else. She finally got the message.

Keep the failth!

I have 30 years of experience getting kicked in the groin from my MIL.I had so much water under the bridge I finally exploided.

I told my wife to grow a spine and stand next to me or I was GONE.....Now we work as a team.I tell her what the old bag said or yelled at me and my wife scolds her mom.

I am sorry that you are going through this... You need to go to counseling yourself first and then you and your husband go together. He should not allow her to treat you this way.

Thank you I have felt so alone for so long not being able to talk to anyone. It feels good to be able to let it out.

I imagine it does. Maybe try getting the book the dance of anger- it helped me years ago and I still reread it for tips of how to deal with the pent of frustration and anger I feel.