Mil Is A Joke

I've been married for 15 years. My husband lived with his dad and step-mom and his mom moved out of state with his sister a new boyfriend when he was 12. Rarely came around, when she was in town she wld make promises to see him but not show. That is the background for you. Nothing we all haven't heard/seen before. I met her a couple times after she moved back to our state, I thought she was an idiot but I was nice and polite. She was a nurse and made ok money but when I tell u she is borderline retarded, I'm not kidding. After dating my husband for a couple months he was diagnosed with a cyst in his chest, they removed it and after release he got a staff infection. Since it was by his heart it was serious. He was in the hospital for over a week. This a-hole who lived 25mins from hospital never came and went on a vacay to the Bahamas two days after he was admitted. She then meets some guy and plans this big elaborate wedding, white dress, bridesmaids and all. Her 4th marriage btw. My husband and I were asked to bring the flowers and candlabras from the church to the reception hall for her. Keep in mind this meant leaving directly from the church and rushing to reception hall before guests arrived. At the reception she is coming over and telling my husband ( my bf then) to dance with her new sister in law bcuz she thinks my bf is cute. My bf doesn't know this much older, rather slutty chick. So he keeps telling her "mom I don't know her and I'm here with my gf" she proceeds to say "well if your not allowed to dance with someone else then this relationship is doomed." I had enuff, I told her she was on her 4th marriage and was not in the position to give relationship advice, we left. Conviently enuff she doesn't recall this happening even tho everyone else does. Jump ahead a few years, we get married have a child. She saw our child, her only grandchild once every 7 mths but doesn't understand why my daughter isn't close to her. My daughter is now 12 and sees her maybe twice a year. My husband sees his mom twice a year. I removed myself from the equation bcuz she loved blaming everything on me. I haven't seen her in 5 years. Best part of all of this is she still tries to cause trouble but has no new ammunition on me. She can't blame **** on's all her. Lol at the end if the day these women feel entitlement because they gave birth to our men but crack ****** have babies everyday, it doesn't make them good moms. I never made my husband choose between us even though he wld pick me, I just don't subject myself to her toxic behavior and my daughter formed her own opinion w/o my influence. I'm sure this sounds like rambling but it may help someone. :)
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WOW !! arn't you lucky getting rid of her that easy.

I should tell you that I worked in the Psychology field with Behavior Modification and the____" Mentally Handicapped ____" since 1982.We don't call anyone Retarded anymore because it is an offensive term. MIL is truly one BIG RETARDED NARCISIST.

You handled her like a pro if you ask me.That comment at her wedding was a killer !!
I wouldn't mess with you for a million dollars......LOL