What Is Wrong With Her?

My MIL was coming to visit us for a week and my sister's father in law passed away just before the visit. Seeing my sister lives out of town I invited her and her husband to stay at our house, until the funeral was over. My in laws were staying at a motel but my MIL made such a stink about my sister taking up our time when she was there that my husband asked if my sister could find another place to stay. During the visit it was clearly evident that my MIL was looking for things to get worked up over. The day before she left, I came down with the stomach flu. She was furious that I wouldn't go for a long walk in the park with them and made a real issue over it. The only good thing about the visit was that my husband saw just how obsessed my MIL was in finding fault in me and we made a deal that I would only visit the in laws when I felt like it which won't be very often if ever.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Yikes, she's a real piece of work. How dare she make a big deal about where she was staying. Unless you are specifically asked and invited to stay at the home, you keep your mouth shut! At least that's how I was raised. Its called good manners. (Just like if you are visiting, you don't ask for a drink. You wait until its offered.) Rudeness is such a pet peeve of mine.