Distance Is Good !!!

I am so glad that my mil lives 750 miles from me. I could not take it otherwise. However, living with her son is sometimes like living with "her." He left home at an early age (probably due to her, I think), but DNA is stronger than environment evidently. My general feeling from her is that her spawn can do no wrong and their spouse's/significant other's role is only to serve them hand and foot and to make them a living. They all have an inflated sense of entitlement, "I can do no wrong" and "you owe me attitude." They have all cheated on their spouses (myself included) and act like we are supposed to take it, love it and ask for more. All this comes from HER !!!
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I can definitely relate to this. Although my MIL doesn't hold with the 'her spawn can do no wrong' thing, her influence can be felt over many years and hundreds of miles.
No marriage is perfect and mine is no exception. The sticking points I have in regards to my husband I can trace back to his mother and her influence on his behavior.
He hates it when I have pointed out a negative behavior and told him it reminds me of his mother. He gets very angry, but it is the truth. He can't stand his mother, but sometimes he behaves exactly like her.
What a horrible legacy to leave your child...

wish my MIL lived that far away..then maybe my husband wouldn't have to drive over to her house JUST to reverse her truck into her drive way for her because she decided her knee hurts.

True, but my MIL over the phone causes enough stress, especially over the weekends when his home with us, and we have to waste money on flight tickets to go see her, she then plays mind games if we go out and talk to people she picks on us, so we stay indoors with her and makes her own son feel bad.

I am so jealous, wish my MIL lived 750 miles away!!!!!