I Thought It Was Funny

It's funny how your other halfs parents are nice to your face but talk **** behind your back. When I met his mom she didn't talk much or notice me at all but after I had our daughter she came out of her shell. She seamed nice and had a lot to say but once we moved away and him and I started to have problems is when it started. He would talk on the phone with her for hours just talkin **** about me. Like I couldn't hear. I told him if it didn't stop I was going to leave and he started texting her once again. He left it in the bed and left the room. I know I shouldn't have but I went through it. He told her I was leaving and she goes I don't give a rats *** if she leaves as long as I get to see that baby. After that I decided I was leaving that night. A month later we got back together and worked it out she found out and was not happy but honestly at this point I'm just like **** it hahahahahahaha.
Tankrbell Tankrbell
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

It sounds like to have made progress, I would be interested to see how this pans out down the road.

I will never view my MIL in a positve fashion anymore. I am sure there are some good MIL's out there but I have not seen them. I am a MIL and I am sure my DIL doesn't like what I do, but I make a good effort to follow their lead, not be intrusive and interfering. I try not to be like my MIL.