My Mother In Law Is Driving Me Nuts

when my husband and I were still bf &gf his mother would do EVERYTHING
for him. when we got ready to go out she would ask us "where we were going
and when were was he getting back home." she would take me aside and tell
me "I had to make him go to church." I am catholic and he is christian
I had no problem going to there church but he didn't won't to go but if
i didn't beg him to go his mother would look at me he started to
go and fell in love with church since then we havent stopped going to church.
when he proposed in march 2012 after 4 years of being together his mother
got jealouse he got me a ring.she pulled me aside and said I had to take
care of it because it cost money and she said"I can't believe you got a
ring and I never got one"after just getting proposed she took all my happiness
away right away.I hoped after we got engaged she would lay off a little but
I was got worse the last few months before we got married.
one night we sat down to eat and I was serving his food and she was standing
right behind me telling me how much and what to give him then she just
took the plate right out of my hands and took it to him and started to
cut his meat he snapped at her and told her he wasn't
a little kid and she got sad. I understand him but his mother started to
try make us live just like her and stay home and not go out and she
wanted us to go out with her husband and her to the movies & out to eat.
it got annoying.atleast my husband would tell her to step out of our relationship
but she wouldn't listen.well we got married on dec 2012 and we had to move in with
his parents for mean while.I was ok with it because my husband talked to his
mother to step back so I thought she would.I was wrong once again she is worse
even more than before when I made food one night she tried to compete with me
but her son didn't want to eat her food so when we went upstairs to sleep she
knocked at 9 saying if he was going to eat would she made but he had already fell
asleep and she flipped out she started yelling saying she wanted to ask him her
self but I wouldn't let her come in and she just left to her room.I caught her
stand outside of our room to hear what we are talking about.she knocks right after
we just got out the shower and won't leave until we open the door.I'm so tired of
it already.she loves to hold on to things that don't work and stuffs everything in
the cabinets.she yelled at me when I tried to help her clean out one of the extra
rooms in the house which was my husbands old room.I tried to give his old crayons
and markers to his uncle for his children.she took them and said she was going to
keep them just in case she needed to use them.come on what old lady is going to need
crayons she is a hoarder!!!I need help I don't know what to do anymore
jackiegomez760 jackiegomez760
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013