Tears In Heaven

My seventeen year old son Randy died in a auto accident, and I was five months pregnant with his little sister when it happened. He died of massive internal injuries after hitting a tree in his pick-up truck near our house. Keep in mind that despite my pain and heartbreak, I was gracious enough to have my snake of a MIL visit us at our home. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of others, the whole bit.

I also want you to know that she is not his real grandmother. I had remarried her son and I had one child (Randy) from my first marriage.  At the time, it had only been about two months since he was gone, and I was talking about him with her. Nothing graphic, like discussing the accident, just things about him as a person, how much I missed him, and basicly tried opening up to her, mother to mother. My mistake!

You could tell she was uncomfortable talking about my dead kid, (yeah, imagine how I feel!) so she goes... "Why don't you get on some anti-depressants for that "Randy thing" and when are you going to "get over it"?" She is a horrid *****. She is more decent to a stranger on the bus than she is to her own daughter in law.


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Thanks everybody so much. Randy didn't like her much either, whenever she came up north to visit us she was a little you know what starter and the last time she ever saw him she was giving him a hard time because he wouldnt clean her car out for her, trying to get him in trouble with dad. Guilt tripping him that he didnt appreciate her, the usual MIL drama, getting everyone all upset and then going home angry. The woman is wealthy north shore type, but lived like she was poor as dirt. She could afford to take it to the car wash herself.

my condolences to you for your loss. what a nightmare! not to mention the fact that you pregnant at the time too ... like you needed more stress especially from someone that traditionally should have 'been there for ya.' YIKES! i'm sure she does have her own story as marji suggested, HOWEVER, how long would it take her to just 'get over it' if she had to bury one of her children? ... ugh ... i hope things get better for you with each passing day.