Mean, Spiteful And Chain Smokes In The House!

There is nothing worse then being forced to move back in with your parents, except maybe when it is your Mother in law! Me and Fiance have a beautiful baby boy and another one coming in a couple weeks! We were forced back into MIL house after an unfortunate incident with pests! My mother in law is incredibly old school. I first realised the trouble I was in for when she tried to feed my 2 month old son who had bad reflux, a big piece of chocolate cake. I swatted the spoon away in time thank goodness :p Well let me just start by saying I am not a tyrant mother, I allow my baby to eat sweets on occasion but I have always thought that this was the age to start them with good foods. I give him lots of fruits and veggies and he used to love them! My wonderful mother in law insists on giving my son sweets CONSTANTLY. Cookies, cake, candy, frosting, you name it she is there trying to shove it into my sons mouth. I have said many times im trying to get him to start good eating habits but she blatantly disregards it! Everytime i feed him veggies she is standing over me with disapporoval, saying, "Oh, he wont eat that, hes not stupid!" Imagine that! I never thought I would meet somebody who tried to sabotage a mothers attempts to start good habits at a young age. He is MY child after all. Ugh

Then there is the coddling. All day long she coddles, holds, sings and runs to his every whim and whimper. My son used to be very well behaved. Now he is a whining spoiled child, who cries everytime i put him down! Mind you I am 9 months pregnant and it is so hard. I am very upset because i worked very hard to get my child to be the way he is. And now all of his good habits and good nature are being thrown down the drain! In a matter of months his whole disposition has changed! She does not listen to me. I cant take it! She also chains smoked her brains out in the house around my baby. When I go out I have had people tell me he smells like a stale cigarette! Its sickening and she had promised to stop while we lived there.

I do not understand these behaviors, its almost like she purposefully wants to sabotage my parenting. She is constantly undermining and commenting on how I should be and how I should raise my kid. And she procedes to treat me like I am a 15 year old. It is exhausting. I'm amazed I havent snapped yet. My fiance refuses to get in the middle, he will hint at her about things, but never confronts her. And I am afraid to start an argument because after all she is allowing us to live there for the time being. Is there any hope for my baby boy, or are these things irreversable?
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Keep that psycho away from your babies! I'm serious. I didn't get my daughter away from mine in time. 2 years later (daughter now 6) I am STILL trying to fix/reverse the behaviors that woman set in!

I cant believe a mother in law did that to your son.. She should know how to take a good care of child... Evil monster in law.. U better keep on eye of your lil prince, dun let a monster ruin him... Stay away frm her... Even dow i smoke,i will smoke outside the house..

26 Years in the Psychology field.........RUN !!

Thank goodness you aren't married yet, run!!!!!! The MIL from hell is probably what it sounds like. If she is like this and you aren't married yet, imagine atterwards??!!! A MIL or adult who blatantly smokes around a pregnant mother and a baby is a self-centered unfeeling person and the only hope for you is to move out of town! Run!!!!