I Hate Mil..

After the big argument between me and her.. She is very very very careful to talk to me.. She finally knows a quiet tiger is the most dangerous tiger. She thinks she can bully me, too bad she wont win in quarrel. i made her shut her hole that day. She can only criticize other people and that person has to agree with her. But if someone criticize her, hahahahaha her face will turn to black charcoal and start kicking,banging on something. Like a child being scold. It is very funny to see her that way.

When the last arguement, i finally hunt her down. She couldnt find anything wrong in me so that she refering herself on me. Which made me easier to shut her up. She screamed, i screamed too. She angry, i laugh! That situation is reallly really fun.

Dear MIL, Hope you just stay quiet for the entire life so your high blood pressure wont explore again. I am not a simple daughter in law that you think you can mess with. So sorry for your foot that bothering you around once the weather cold. You better diet or else your workmate gonna ask when are you going to retired again. Pity you...
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Sounds like she might be a NARCISSIST!