Let The Baby Cry, Mil...

Gosh, my MIL really drives me crazy!! I have a 3 months old baby girl (JJ),,, everymom should understand why baby cry? It is the way tht baby communicate with us,,, hungry, uncomfortable, hot cold, need a cuddle,,, for my MIL everytime baby cry means she is hungry,,, i hate her cos not even 5 second JJ cry, she already asked me oohh what happen? Why she cry? Why? Why? And she is so busy body go near her and ask her,,, ****, if i know why she crying for, ofcourse i will let you know to shut u up,, i am not baby mind reader,,, but i rafly know wht she want from the way she cries,,
After fed half an hour, JJ cry again!Again! My MIL was likee oohhh what happen what happen,,, she din get enough feeed, she must be! Are you kidding me? How many bottle should i feed her? I am not you, busy body MIL,,, you cant even take care of your children back then,, she told me she ever fed her first child until he couldnt breath cos he was too full,,,

I know what happen to my baby,,,, my MIL just drives me mad,, she is just jealous i can cop with baby n myself well,,, my baby can sleep thru 8-9 hrs at night,,, my MIL isnt too happy, cos back then she struggled with her children,, she has no luck like me,,, for my baby age, 8-9 hours sleep thru the night without feeding is considering lucky,,, thats why my MIL tries to make me stress too,,, too bad MIL, JJ is a happy baby, she knows how to enjoy every mins of her sleep,,, and please dun keep asking me what happen again and again,,, let the baby cry for a little while,,,
Ilverzo406 Ilverzo406
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013