Im Not Even Married Yet and She's Started!


My mother in law to be is already on my case she was a lovely person untill her son gave me a big fat diamond ring that is bigger than hers thats what started everything i say she rolls her eyes huffs and puffs and taps her fingers on anything thats near by i get one word answers and now shes pulling funding from the wedding yet they have invited the most amount of people.

what can i do?other than kill her in her sleep? 

whitechocolate whitechocolate
22-25, F
1 Response May 26, 2007

if she has pulled funding from the wedding, i'd simply call the list of 'her' invitees and tell them the wedding plans have changed and you will contact them in the future for another date, then simply don't contact them. unless your husband plans on getting the funding back. has your husband witnessed your mil sniping at you? what does he say? have you tried talking to him about it? what's his stance on it all?