Messed Up

 When I first dated my ex husband, his mom refused to talk to me.It did not get better when we found out I was pregnant.We decided to get married and she went crazy.She told people that we were not really getting married and if we did we would not make it.When we got married she cried the entire time. What a witch. And she was wearing really old normal clothes.Only three people showed up for his side cuz they thought we were not really getting married.Two years later, we split up but were trying to work out our problems.He stayed at his moms and she gave him an 8 pm curfew which he obeyed.Needless to say, that marraige ended.Now two years later , he brought his BOYFRIEND to meet her. she was nice to him and welcomed him into the family.She is messed up(he is too).
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2 Responses May 26, 2007

WOW!<br />
Thank goodness he is not YOUR husband anymore, eh?<br />
Maybe she is like my ex-stepmom, and loves males but is intimidated by females. Either way they all sound like people you are better off without. Good Luck!

Well, aren't you glad you got out of that relationship ? Your ex sounds like a momma's boy.