Ripped My Wedding Dress Apart

Last night DH told me that the divorce was all my fault, and why couldn't I have just been happy with his mother when went to their home that weekend. I yelled at him, lost complete control , told him everything I wanted to about his mother and the control she has over him, even told him that she is a manipulator, continued telling him incidents since the day we got married that happened regarding her. I even told him things that he had done to me and how many times I forgave him for all that ****!!!

He then told me that nobody was telling him what to do and he it is his decision to divorce me. I then told him "thank you for telling me that, it is what's going to pull me through this time"he then left the room telling me "look at it this way , you will never have to see my family again!!" and so i responded "Look at it this way, you will never have to see me again"

I was seething with so much anger that I could not sleep , by the morning I was a raving lunatic , I tore up my wedding dress , ripped it apart with the scissors!! I was so angry I could not stop myself, I just kept ripping at it over and over again!! It was like I lost complete control of my hands and I was standing outside my body and watching myself do it.

I just ripped it into pieces........It's now completely destroyed

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I hope it wasn't a nice big satin dress with puff sleeves and a lovely big skirt. Just a modern rubbish one like they all seem to wear these days.

It's a nasty thing to go through but if it has to happen it is better if it does so earlier rather than later.One of my cousins went through an ordeal like that last year and is still working her way through it. In their case they'd been married for four years and had two kids together. And when you have kids there is no way that you can cut off the communication like was suggested here. The kids have the right to meet both their parents and unless your husband has been outright abusive so that you could get a restraining order against him you are not legally allowed to refuse him his visitation rights. So they will need to learn to keep the contact as necessary, but without getting it personal, something which can be a tough challenge.<br />
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As for ripping up your wedding dress, I think that was a good way of showing your frustration. My cousin actually destroyed her dress too, by burning it in the fireplace, together with their wedding album, her wedding shoes, veil, wedding purse, leftover invitations and everything else that had anything to do with their wedding. After that she went down to the pier and threw her wedding and engagement rings into the sea. She wanted nothing left from it all, but then because of the kids she can still never get total closure.

Do whatever you want to make yourself feel better. You don't need that wedding dress to remind you anything like that.

Better the dress than you releasing your anger the 'wrong way' and doing harm to a person or yourself. There is only so much we can all take. Just think of it as goodbye your old life and hello to your new one!

i think all this stress is making me do crazy things. But i must admit tearing the dress mad me feel good. I reckon it is alot of pent up anger and frustration is finally surfacing. I was trying to keep it under control until everything was over but I guess that work out as planned............ I hope the ***** is happy.

You must have been so scared of what you were capable of? I have been there! Not with my hubby now but when I was younger, I dated this guy from when I had just turned 15 until I was 21. I found out he cheated on me on our anniversary when he pulled up to my house with roses for the other girl and mums for me. He handed me a card that said, Some things are left better unsaid, like goodbye...That was his way of breaking up with me. I flipped out! I ripped the mums apart and punched him in the face. <br />
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I kinda laugh at the whole thing now, as heartbreaking as it was back then. I kept the card for years to remind me of what I went through...Let me just tell you...he married that girl, had 2 beautiful boys with her and now they are divorced. He called me up until I met my husband and then continued to call my parents until they told him I was happy and getting married. My mother bumped into him at the hospital (we works there) when my aunt was having her leg amputated. He asked about me again and followed my mother around for 2 hours. <br />
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After all these years my feelings for him have changed...I loved him as a teenager and even as an adult. I would have to say that he was my first love. After what he had done to me I was hurt and hated him. I couldn't be happier that I had the chance to meet and marry my husband though. I am thankful for my past because it has made me who I am today. I can't even say that I hate my ex anymore, I pity him but that is about it. <br />
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Someday, you will be able to look back on this and maybe even be grateful to have experienced it as well. It may take years but chances are you will move on to be a better person in a better situation.<br />
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Your husband is a selfish jerk to keep putting the blame on you. Typical to blame the victim of abuse! As far as your wedding dress goes, I wouldn't feel too bad about it...Any other wedding stuff put in a box and leave it on his front door. Let him do whatever he wants with it. Put the wedding dress in a garbage bag and throw it away! <br />
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If I were you, I would completely block out his communication at this point. I would not accept phone calls, letters, e mails or attempts to see you only because if you are set to divorce it will only make things harder on you. Tell him to talk to your lawyer if he needs to talk. <br />
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Whatever you do, don't let your emotions get the best of you infront of him...It will let him think you are weak and will please Mommy Dearest far too much. <br />
Good luck! Write if you need support!