Constant Insults About Your Appearance?

When my husband and I were dating, my (now) MIL thought that it was fair game to criticize my appearance.  I should begin by saying that I've never had a weight problem, have always been well dressed and groomed, and that I get frequent compliments from many people...sometimes total strangers will say something nice to me.

Future MIL had an enormous need to cut me down.  Every time I walked into a room, she'd make some comment:  "Those shoes are TERRIBLE with that skirt"..."You're not going out with THAT on, are you?"..."Why don't you try coral lipstick instead of that pink stuff"..."THAT'S what you're wearing?  I think not."  You get the picture.

I finally decided that I'd had enough.  MIL is morbidly obese.  The next time she insulted me, I said "You're fat".  When her mouth fell open and her eyes welled up with tears, I asked her if she liked being ridiculed and treated cruelly.  I told her that she had right to criticize and be nasty about anyone's appearance.

Yes, I was mean to her.  But that incident happened 18 years ago, and it worked.  Ever since that day, she's never said anything about how I look, except to give me a warm and kind compliment.

Sometimes, we need to do drastic things to put a stop to unacceptable behavior.

CallieDog CallieDog
46-50, F
May 30, 2007